About Love….

We meet one another and we feel an attraction….

The chemistry and passion fuels your attraction and your body is drenched with “feel good” hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine that are all associated with the first phase of this powerful attraction and being in love.

There is no question at all as to wanting to spend your future with this person, whom you love, respect and hold a deep connection. That person to whom you feel love, takes on a special quality and the world now appears multi-coloured, alive and mysteriously different.

The world holds a “new centre” and the experience of romantic love can make you feel as if you could jump towards the sky. You are elated at the thought and that every living and waking moment is spent dreaming about when you will next meet, touch one another again, hold one another and play together. You crave to be lost in a shared kiss, infused with this most intensive energy of romantic love, a timeless, ageless story that can begin in our teens and even far younger, teenage crushes or puppy love, still as passionate then as it is now.

Love relationships… You feel attracted without doubt when you first meet and as time passes you form a bond with one another which moves towards a future with the person with whom you feel a mutual love and attraction. You decide that you want to share your future with this person; you marry, build a life together and decide to have children or not…

This is the experience of being in love and together, quite naturally you form an inevitable deep feeling of attachment and then something else can occur, something quite unexpected between you….

For some, love can begin to go very wrong. Over the years, you feel disillusioned, disappointed and you begin to bicker and resent one another. You feel pressured, responsible, rejected, unloved, insecure, confused and think that it wasn’t meant to be like this.

How did this discord happen between us? When did it begin and why? There are so many questions in suspense regarding the love relationship but there’s no denying something keeps you together, attached and familiar as if you were meant to meet and there it begins.

Understanding one another is the key as love can be damaged through time…

To know that person is an incomparable blessing and to be understood a fundamental necessity that lies at the bedrock within every couple relationship.

“Romantic love is an addiction: a perfectly wonderful addiction when it’s going well and a perfectly horrible addiction when it’s going poorly” (Helen Fisher)

Relationship, Marriage & Couples Counselling

  • Please Note all sessions can consist of a two hour Intensive Marriage/ Relationship Recovery Programme for individuals or couples
  • All sessions are designed to build on and enhance your relationship, at least enabling you to relate and speak again, to find a positive solution, a reconnection when two people have lost their way in love and help you deal with; heartbreak, love and loss, abandonment, insecurity and co-dependency.