Many years ago Helen experienced first hand how difficult and overwhelming an addiction to romantic love can be. The workbook details this devastating experience in profound depth, woven around her insights, exercises and strategies of her emotional recovery. She has since dedicated, with passion and sincerity, her entire professional life to studying and researching this affliction of the heart when we love too much, at the cost of our emotional well being, and how to overcome it.

Helen knows with certainty that this programme will support you through a painful breakup, love and loss as she has helped hundreds of private clients and people who have purchased her programme, overcome their addiction to love and Co-dependency and all the debilitating symptoms that accompany this. These are people just like you….

Love Addiction is a serious problem which can be harder than an addiction to drugs. There’s neuro-science discoveries which are starting to shed light on the problem from a scientific perspective and taking this into consideration along with personality and behavioural patterns Helen has collated a list of what she calls “classic Love Addiction indicators”.

Helen developed a simple but powerful test which will let you know if you are prone to Love Addiction and anxious attachment. If you think you may have a tendency towards being “Addicted to Love” or are not sure what the signs of “Love Addiction” are then please take the Love Addiction Quiz  It’s a quick online assessment which will let you know how you score on the Love Addiction Index