Part of the programme includes online videos which are streamed from my private account on YouTube and Vimeo.

Because they are streamed videos, you can start watching them right away, there’s no need to download them first using up lots of space on your device.

As with all video streaming, irrespective of the device you are using, please be aware that it uses a lot of data. I recommend you are connected to a wifi network rather than using up your data package on a mobile device. Of course if you have unlimited data and are on a good 3G or 4G network then it’ll be fine.

If you have a slow internet connection – if you don’t have a strong connection then the videos may pause at times, while the information downloads. This is because the video is playing faster than your connection can download. The pause allows the player time to get the next bit of the video before playing resumes. If this is happening then you can always watch the video in standard definition (SD). Depending on if it’s YouTube or Vimeo you will be able to change the quality of the video. Click on the HD link or the settings cog, usually found in the bottom right corner.