In each video presentation Helen passionately explores in depth the acute symptoms that are experienced in an addiction to romantic love, Heartbreak, and Co-dependency. Why and how it is difficult to let go after a painful breakup where the significant other does not reciprocate your love and emotional connection. Helen leads you through this overwhelming experience of heartbreak following lost love and will help you survive the emotional devastation moving you towards self empowerment, lovability, self confidence and emotional self reliance.

In every video you watch and listen to Helen as she speaks candidly with passion and sensitivity about the debilitating and shattering symptoms experienced in addictive loving and an addiction to romantic love including:

  • Powerlessness
  • Panic, fear and anxiety
  • Lovesickness and love withdrawal
  • Romantic Obsession
  • Loving too much
  • The impact of love addiction
  • Falling in love releases pleasure chemical
  • Low self esteem/worthlessness
  • Emptiness and Loss of meaning
  • Separation anxiety/anxious attachment
  • Neediness – Yearning and craving for the beloved
  • Symptoms of Limerence
  • Fantasy and Denial
  • Abandonment
  • Insecurity and Rejection
  • Heartache, grief and loss
  • And many more…..