10 Compassionate, insightful and Instructive video tutorials comprising of numerous coping strategies and healing techniques, exercises tools and insights laid out in a simple step-by-step and easy-to-follow programme.

Two Video Presentations of Attachment Models

  • Passionate Attraction: The Emotional Cycles of Love Addiction and Love Model 1.
  • Model two: I love You, I hate You, Don’t Leave Me! The Pursuer vs. Pursued

6 Soothing and Gentle Guided Meditation and Visualisation Journeys (Online Videos)

The Workbook: A Personal Journey through an Addiction to Love

7 Illuminating and Inspirational eBooks with Real Survival Stories of people overcoming an addiction to romantic love, Co-dependency, Lovesickness and Heartbreak

2 Online Quizzes:

  • Surviving a Narcissistic Relationship
  • Anxious Attachment Love Quiz

In total over 10 hours of videos, a 300 page workbook, 6 guided meditations, 2 quizzes and 7 eBooks.