Counselling, Life Coaching, Mentoring and Therapy for Couples and all types of Relationships

How we love and the way we love is often at the root of what can go wrong in the couple relationship. Helen Mia Harris, specialist relationship therapist, has specialised in helping people using her tailor-made Recovery Programmes with heartbreak, loss, rejection and co-dependency for over 20 years. She helps individuals and couples to develop a “way” of relating to one another, free of the encumbrances of resentment, loss of respect and disappointments.

Relationship counselling and therapy will help you and your partner to identify the conflict and discontent within your relationship. Both of you will be able to talk about what you believe has occurred and continues to occur in your marriage or partnership, Helen provides you with a neutral place in which you can both speak freely and most importantly, hear each other’s voice and version of events from their point of view, possibly for the first time. She encourages each person to empathise with the other person’s take on the situation and to try and see it from their point of view.

Couples therapy and counselling involves learning how to communicate more effectively, and how to listen more closely to restore renewed connection. It also involves identifying common goals and how to share responsibilities which is often the reason why relationships lose their way.

Helen has a profound understanding about love and loss and is passionate about her work, focusing on love relationships and marriage challenges including pre-marital counselling. She provides a range of relationship Recovery Programmes as well as relationship and couple counselling and therapy.

Counselling for Couples and Families

  • Couple Relationship Counselling, Therapy and Coaching (90 minutes)
  • Specialist Couple Relationship Recovery Programme (90 minutes)
  • Couple Relationship – Marriage – *Pre-Marriage Mentoring (90 minutes)
  • Intensive Marriage – Relationship Recovery Programme for Individuals and Couples (2 hours)
  • Intensive NLP Life Coaching and Personal Breakthrough Programme (2 hours)

* Most helpful for those who have decided to get married but may want to communicate some thoughts and expectations for this new venture and work through levels of connection and disconnection in the love relationship.

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Other Therapies For Relationships & Couples Include: