Heartbreak recovery programme
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Breakthrough Sessions For Individuals

Helen’s breakthrough sessions work is designed to enhance your insight, reverse self-abandonment by strengthening your sense of self and move towards becoming emotionally free by approaching love, life and relationships in an entirely different way.

Each breakthrough session lasts for 90 minutes and is tailor made to your unique circumstance after the first session. Helen suggests that three to six sessions will be adequate to see a substantial change in the way in which you approach any difficulty you may be undergoing. She will see you individually or as a couple.


Please note all breakthrough sessions are tailor made to your own unique circumstance.

  • Helps you make a significant new connection with yourself and build healthy self esteem
  • Provides tools to access new windows in self-awareness, self-value and self-acceptance
  • Helps you develop new decisions and set new goals for personal growth
  • Provides emotional pain management tools to help you overcome the pain of rejection – abandonment –insecurity or loss
  • Self-empowering mentoring to help you rehabilitate your life after the loss
  • Help you turn your experience into a triumph of self-development
  • How to survive love and rejection after an intense emotional bond has been severed
  • Learn how not to abandon yourself leading to independence and autonomy
  • Discover how abandonment can work as a catalyst for profound personal growth
  • Freeing yourself from co-dependent relationships
  • Knowing when love hurts and seems impossible and learn when to let go
  • Addressing how your self-esteem depends on you being a caretaker and rescuer with your partner
  • Learning how to love “what is” rather than trying make your relationship be what it “should be or ought to be”
  • End seeking other’s self-approval and validation of your own aspirations
  • Re-building a new sense of self after an intense emotional bond has been severed

Once you have applied the principles in this breakthough session to your daily life, you will emerge emotionally free of the debilitating sense of powerlessness and experience a stronger more vital connection to yourself